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Heroes for 6 Minutes

Heroes for 6 Minutes White Collar Boxing was formed in 2015 to raise money for Military Charities.

One of our original founders Robbie Owen having had a military background wanted to raise money for a charity that supports injured service personnel, having got involved in White Collar Boxing in early 2014 and having a life changing experience inside the ring, he felt the need to be able to give something back to the sport and to charity.

When booking our first show Robbie thought that we would get over 50 people to sign up and maybe be able to raise £20,000 in 2016 by running 3 events.

He was amazed when the first Welcome meeting over 150 people turned up to register to take on the First Heroes for 6 Minutes 8 week challenge. 

It was apparent that the venue H46 had booked would be two small and 1 show turned in to 2 a weekend Easter extravaganza at the SWALEC Stadium in Cardiff.

Over 900 people attended the first shows with 45 boxing bouts 90 heroes for 6 minutes, whats more H46 raised over £30,000!

Everything has snowballed from there H46 has now raised over £150,00 for military charities as of 2017.

H46 prides itself in the putting on the best shows; we don’t compromise on quality and really give all of our participants and spectators a night to remember!

We feel Pound for Pound we stack up against other organisations and will be working hard in 2018 to provide the best White Collar Boxing experience in the UK. 

Having now Team up with Scotty’s Little Soldiers the Charity for Bereaved UK Forces Children it has given us a new lease of life. 

H46 has run 25 shows since 2015 and is the second largest provider of White Collar boxing shows in the UK. 

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