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Rules & Regulations/FAQ’s

During the 8 weeks training period all boxers will train together at our selected training centres. You will be working on fitness conditioning and learning all the key elements of boxing.

Our World Class coaches will assess you so that a fair yet challenging match will be created for you at the end of week eight.

To ensure the safety of all of our heroes we have to have set rules and regulations for all our bouts and events.

All Participants must at least sell a minimum of 10 tickets, we feel this is a fair amount and allows us to put on these events. ALL Events only offer  Ticket admittance to people OVER the age of 18. 

We offer two ticket options; VIP Tables (food included in certain locations) and Standing Tickets.

Rules & Regulations New

House Rules

  1. You must be over 18 to compete and ALL of our Events only offer Admittance to guests OVER the Age of 18. 
  2. All boxers train together at our specified training centres – no exceptions – this is to ensure a fair bout and to build camaraderie between the group. You must attend at least 75% of sessions to compete.
  3. All boxers will have a pre fight medical and a post fight neurological check.
  4. No bouts will start unless Doctor and EMT team are present at ringside
  5. Corner Team will be provided by the training centre staff, no bringing your own corner men or women
  6. Men and Women can compete.
  7. All fights are 3 x 2 minute rounds with 1 minute intervals.
  8. 16 Oz Fight Gloves provided by Heroes for 6 Minutes will be worn on the night. Training gloves will be provided and on Sale at the meeting, on the website and at training centres)
  9. Full Headgear will be worn again this will be provided on the night by Heroes for 6.
  10. Scoring by Referee
  11. Each fighter will be expected to at least sell a minimum of 5 tickets by week 4  and 10 by the end of training or a VIP table this is ensure a cracking atmosphere on the night of the event. *Ticket prices dependent on location*
  12. Each fighter will be expected to raise a Minimum of £50 via JustGiving.
  13. We operate a very strict dress code – minimum shirt, trousers and shoes for Gents and full length and fabulous for the Ladies Cocktail dresses.
  14. Military uniforms are encouraged and permitted!
Rules & Regulations New
Rules & Regulations New
Rules & Regulations New
Rules & Regulations New