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White Collar Boxing Top Tips

Guide to winning your first white collar boxing match.I am writing this assuming you are starting with the same amount of experience that I did – none. That’s no background of boxing, quite unfit but willing to put in hard work.

General Fitness
I think this is what overlooked most in my training. It was only towards the end when I really started to gear up my endurance work. In almost every fight I saw on the night, the fitter man won. Start jogging, jumping rope, swimming, anything to get your fitness up. I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear but I think general fitness is the most important thing to work on. You don’t need to train to do a marathon but be pushing yourself, maybe do some HIIT.

In 8 weeks you will learn the very, very basics of boxing, you will not become the next Ali, Tyson, Mayweather or Pacquioa. Even if you focus on mastering the technical side, you will probably be like me – get hit in the face and start swinging like crazy! My opponent did the exact same thing, but due to our differing levels of fitness, I was able to keep swinging when he couldn’t!

Mental Preperation
Prepare yourself mentally and expect to be very nervous. I don’t cope with stress very well at the best of times and I hate being in front of an audience. My fight happened to be the very first fight of the night, I walked out to 450 people and I can honestly say I have never felt more nervous, excited, worried, proud in my life. The only thing stopping me from having a meltdown was knowing that my opponent was feeling the exact same way.

Do not beat yourself up at any point during your training. That’s someone else’s task, don’t help the opposition! In my journal, you can see that at one point I didn’t think I could ever be ready and was starting get really negative thoughts. When the negative thoughts crept in, I found that I was performing worse. After that, I had a long think about the whole situation; this wasn’t just for me boxing, this was for charity and it was for me as person, doing something I’ve always wanted to do that not everyone can say they’ve done. After that, I promises myself that as long as I gave it my all, I had nothing to ashamed of regardless of the outcome.

If you’re like me you won’t be able to stop the nerves but you can reassure yourself in the lead up to the fight. You’ve done all the hard work, the past 8 weeks have led up to these 6 minutes of fight, the person your fighting is in the exact same place as you.

Stick to the basics!
Jabs and keeping your guard up. Although I knew exactly what I should have been doing, in my fight it all went to pot. I threw one, maybe two jabs. For the better part of the fight my hands were down. I was lucky not to have been hit a lot more than I was. You must utilise the jab to make openings, keep firing when you get a chance. Please do not do what I did, swinging for the hills is not smart. It worked in my fight because my opponent had burnt himself out swinging for me. Take your time, think about your shots and remember to breath.

Don’t be afraid to clinch. My opponent was coming at me with some real nasty looping punches, I had nowhere to go and certainly didn’t want another standing 8 count so I tied him up – I did the Klitscho lean on him too, it’s all part of the game. Another occasion when I tied him up was when he had his head on my chest, he was looping shots at me (I don’t even know how he was getting me but he was) and smothering my work so I couldn’t get any venom in my punches. In this case I could have taken a step back but I chose not to. He was really swinging wildly so stepping back would have left me wide open to take another big shot.

Although the shortest paragraph was on fitness, this is the most important thing if your competing in an event where no one has any past boxing experience. Nine times out of ten, the fitter man will win. Put the hard work in during your eight weeks of training and it will pay off.

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